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About Us

ONDUCARTON is the right choice!

f you need cardboard packaging to run or grow your business, ONDUCARTON is the right choice!

Founded in 2010, S.C. ONDUCARTON S.R.L. is part of the S.C. Ambacart Group S.R.L.
Ambacart is a group with a tradition in the production of corrugated boards with two, three and five layers, C, B, E, BC, BE, CE, CO2 corrugated flutes and harmonic cardboard (or “Fanfold”), the corrugations having widths up to at 2,000 mm.
Suitable for use in any field of activity, the superior quality and strength of these boards are guaranteed by the production process that involves daily, thorough checks conducted in the laboratory of our factory.

With the raw material – cardboard – at our disposal, creating the company S.C. ONDUCARTON S.R.L. was a natural step towards diversifying the portfolio of the products we sell.
Thanks to our modern equipment that can make up to 6,000 boxes per hour, we produce and sell packaging solutions for different fields of activity – from food (pizza boxes) to electronic, electrical and household products (storage boxes and transport) and construction (CO2 cardboard rolls).

The shape and size of the cardboard boxes can be customized according to customers requirements. ONDUCARTON boxes – whether pizza, storage, archiving or transport – can be printed with the message, logo or company name, using the “FLEXO” technique, in one to four colours. The printing thus becomes a smart marketing tool for the fast and visible promotion of the products a company sells.

Why choose

ONDUCARTON packaging solutions?

A modern factory

built with investments from European projects, certified with FSC quality standards, ISO 9001, ISO 14001

State-of-the-art equipment

provided with strict quality control processes

Durable, customizable packaging

suitable for a wide range of uses: online sales, furniture, pet food, lighting fixtures

Packaging format adapted to your requirements

classic boxes, self-forming boxes (with self-forming)

Over 50 FEFCO codes

available by request

Experience in packaging manufacturing

120 tons of cardboard produced each month

Reasonable delivery times

up to 7 working days from the approval of the technical and commercial conditions of the collaboration

Advantageous quality-price ratio

Satisfied customers


Whether you need collector boxes, pizza boxes, transport, storage, archiving boxes, CO2 cardboard rolls or harmonica cardboard, ONDUCARTON uses the experience and expertise of our team of professionals to help you choose the most suitable packaging solutions for your business.