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what we do
Founded in 2010, S.C. ONDUCARTON S.R.L. is part of the S.C. Ambacart Group S.R.L. Ambacart is a group with a tradition in the production of corrugated boards with two, three and five layers, C, B, E, BC, BE, CE, CO2 corrugated flutes and harmonic cardboard (or "Fanfold")

Quality products

Having success and quality products, we felt the need to develop by setting up a cardboard box production section - in 2010 we set up SC ONDUCARTON SRL.


We have a team of 13 people and we offer packaging products with high precision and high-performance, digitized equipment.

6,000 boxes per hour

Printing in 4 colors and with a speed of 6000 boxes per hour, at over 50 FEFCO codes, managing to put on the market approximately 100 tons of cardboard, resulting in 20% of the production of Ambacart Grup SRL
Trust us!

We care about the environment.

We come to your aid with 100% recyclable packaging.

What we offer

Quality packaging

We manage to produce quality packaging with the help of a team of professionals in the field, with over 20 years of experience that guarantees long-term business collaborations.


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