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ONDUCARTON provides you with more than 50 FEFCO codes for packaging boxes, from collectors to transport, storage, pizza or archiving boxes.

Classic or self-forming, the boxes are available in different designs and colour variants and can be printed with the message, logo or name of your company. The technique used – “FLEXO” – allows the use of up to 4 colours for these prints.
Our products are made of C, B, E, BC, BE, CE, BCC corrugated board, CO2 board and harmonic board (“Fanfold”).



If you need custom packaging printed according to your requirements, we have the solution for a unique design!

Our pizza boxes are aimed primarily at HoReCa companies, catering service providers and pizza makers.
The dimensions, design and printing of the boxes can be customized to suit the needs of your business. Whether you opt for one of the standard sizes – 25, 30, 33, 46 or 50 centimetres or for a custom size, we offer you the option to choose printing in 1-4 colours/box.

Self-forming, with ventilation holes, these boxes are made of E Flute Corrugated Cardboard which grants them resistance to mechanical shocks and vibrations occurring during transport.
The type of cardboard and the production techniques represent a guarantee that the pizza will reach your customers exactly as you packed it: warm and intact!



Storage boxes are a must for any company, regardless of its field of activity. Made of corrugated cardboard with three, five or seven layers, our storage boxes have proven durability to wear and damage.
Available in classic format (mailbox), FEFCO 0201 storage boxes can be stacked in small locations.

ONDUCARTON storage boxes are suitable for the storage of fast-moving consumer goods and industrial products.
The products packed in these boxes are thoroughly protected for a long time.
Boxes measuring 600 x 400 x 400 mm are one of the most popular choices because four such boxes form the size of a pallet of 800 x 1200 mm, a standard pallet in Europe, used by many companies in Romania.



The transport boxes grant safe conditions for the products in transit, being a suitable choice for many fields of activity from car parts sales to plastic products or metal fabrications.

The use of corrugated cardboard with three, five or seven layers for manufacturing these boxes guarantees the protection and stability of the packaged products during transport. Available in classic format (mailbox), the transport box code FEFCO 0201 can be re-utilized. Using these boxes to transport your company’s products represents an important contribution to the protection of the environment.



Archiving boxes are the ideal solution for storing documents in maximum security conditions for long periods. Made of three or five layers of corrugated cardboard, available in white, natural or mixed colours (custom design containing both colours, according to your needs), the archiving boxes meet the most demanding requirements of strength, durability and optimized storage.



The collector boxes facilitate the transport and storage of several boxes by an overlapping arrangement. Made of 3, 5 or 7 layers of corrugated cardboard, available in a wide range of sizes, these boxes are the right choice when you are looking for packaging solutions that make your transport and storage cost more efficient. Thus, by using these packages you will have to store, load, transport and unload fewer boxes, of slightly larger size instead of several smaller boxes.



These boxes are made on moulds, with specific characteristics such as the accuracy of the dimensions, the quality of the closing shapes and the speed of their formatting in order to pack the products.
The self-forming boxes are made of a single piece of cardboard with three or five layers and are resistant to wear due to the bending of the walls. Recommended whenever you need packaging with sizes up to 2,000 mm, these boxes are the easiest to assemble, helping you save time in the process of preparing and shipping your products.

Self-forming boxes can be ordered easily and quickly by selecting the desired model from the FEFCO code catalogue that you can find on our website.
The self-forming box is the most accessible, used and efficient for storing and transporting your company’s products!



Also known as a “corner” or “triangle”, the pizza slicer holder is made of flute corrugated cardboard. It helps reduce the consumption of disposable plastics, with a significant impact on protecting the environment.
Like pizza boxes, pizza slicers are available in different sizes and designs, customizable to suit your needs.



Premium boxes are used for packaging mainly heavy products.
These boxes have high durability to overlap due to their weight, the type of cardboard used and their arrangement. Thus, the two layers of corrugated C alongside the layer of corrugated B and the four connecting sheets between them guarantee that the heavy, bulky products that the premium boxes store will be safe.



Made of a corrugated B (or type II) and a connecting sheet, rolled together in a cylinder, the roll of CO2 cardboard is the most affordable solution to pack and protect products of different shapes and sizes.
The format of the CO2 cardboard roll with lengths of up to 200 meters makes it easy to store and transport, facilitating the optimization of storage space and the efficiency of transport costs.
The CO2 roll can be used for packaging and transporting electronic, electrical, household products, sanitary and household items, food, textiles and glass.
This type of packaging is suitable also for protecting furniture, interior finishing and construction.



A Fanfold is a long sheet of corrugated cardboard that serves to pack and protect a wide range of products.
Foldable and compact, the harmonic cardboard can be marked for cutting to the size you want or delivered without markings so you can cut it to the dimensions your business needs.
This type of cardboard is a fitting choice for companies that have a large portfolio of products with different sizes and enables you to avoid wasting packaging and, consequently, reduce cost.


CO2 CARTON SHEET (Open corrugated)

The CO2 cardboard sheet is composed of 2 layers of paper, 1 corrugated layer and a flat one (a lid). Maximum dimensions: 1400 in the direction of the corrugation x 2500 in length.

This type of cardboard sheet can be used for crumpled boxes, because a multicolored sheet can be glued on the corrugated side.

They can also be used for packaging in the furniture industry or in the palletizing of liquid products

Read more about FEFCO catalogue

Self-forming boxes can be ordered easily and quickly by selecting the desired model from the FEFCO code catalogue that you can find here.

Why choose

ONDUCARTON packaging solutions?

A modern factory

built with investments from European projects, certified with FSC quality standards, ISO 9001, ISO 14001

State-of-the-art equipment

provided with strict quality control processes

Durable, customizable packaging

suitable for a wide range of uses: online sales, furniture, pet food, lighting fixtures

Packaging format adapted to your requirements

classic boxes, self-forming boxes (with self-forming)

Over 50 FEFCO codes

available by request

Experience in packaging manufacturing

120 tons of cardboard produced each month

Reasonable delivery times

up to 7 working days from the approval of the technical and commercial conditions of the collaboration

Advantageous quality-price ratio

Satisfied customers


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